It’s me..redux.

I’m going to try to learn more about writing and blogging this year.

So I joined Blogging 101.

I’m a pretty good writer to begin with, but there’s a lot about blogging I don’t know.

1. How to develop a theme and when to make a new blog or do something else when my mind and ideas go off in a different direction.

2. How to manipulate the “computer” portion of the show. I’d honestly rather write on paper. I’m scared of losing what I’ve done, or pushing the wrong button. Things do appear to be more failsafe all the time, but I just had my hard drive crash, so I don’t know. That took an hour of panic and tears and then some very expert help. I like to avoid those situations.

The assignment for today was to introduce myself, or reintroduce if you are already blogging.

1. I am a woman living in the northwest, a psychotherapist by trade, a writer/artist by avocation. I have two just grown children who I love very much. I don’t want to comment much about them because I want to preserve their privacy. I am remaining private about some of my life details because of my profession.

2. I was divorced a year ago late December, so my blog was about what was happening with me in the world and in my interior emotional life. I’m not sure that is very interesting; many other people seem to “process” in this manner, some more artfully than me. I did manage a few more humorous posts, but I wasn’t feeling very humorous last year overall. I don’t even think that I want to aim for humor every time in my blog.

3. I am learning to live without a long term plan, and letting whatever comes up be experienced as it is. I wonder if this will help my writing. I think it is frightening to some extent.

4. I titled my blog “The Lonely Doctor” because I am a doctor and I am lonely. I also love Dr. Who, and he (so far it’s always a “he’) is both as well. He seems to have very interesting adventures though. I also enjoy that young people are fascinated by this show. I told a ten year old yesterday that I own two sonic screwdrivers, Dr. Who’s emergency tool of choice. He looked impressed.

5. I’m not sure where this will lead. I know I have always been a good writer of essays, especially. I hope I can notice something that will resonate with others, I guess. Something that is about our common experience.

6. I really need some common experiences.

So ends assignment number one. I hope a fulfilling day awaits all that have read this little piece. Any feedback is always appreciated, style or content.


2 comments on “It’s me..redux.

  1. I think writing about the pain does help in many ways. I have noticed that you have moved on a long way since the first posts I read. You are sounding much more positive and hopeful. All the best for as calm and as peaceful year as is possible.

    • Thank you Elizabeth I do feel more calm and hopeful than last year. Time wounds all heels, says J. Lennon. Thanks for keeping me in your blogging scroller and in your thoughts.

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