Don’t buy. Lease.



I grew up being advised strongly never to lease, but to buy.  Don’t lease a car, it’s a bad deal. Don’t rent a home, you’re throwing away your money.  Buy your own space, it’ll be worth more.  Living together is pointless. Committed people get married.

No one warned me about the challenges of ownership and attachment.

Now I hear “cash is king” and I am facing a home underwater, space I own but that may soon not be fully leased, an old car that I own and can’t afford to trade in.  I have “solidity” and I need to wash it away.  My ex bought his way out of all of it.    He paid the price of freedom with some form of cash.    And frankly I knew that he would never help me deal with problem of ownership and the painful process of deciding what stays and what goes…he hadn’t before, so during a divorce, why would he now?

Last night I dreamt about my two friends who divorced 10+ years ago.  In dreamland, they were just divorcing, and I had arranged to give my female friend a ride home from a house where their young “dream” son was having his birthday party.

In the dream, their boy was the son of the man who invaded my dream yesterday.

I forgot my friend, and her ex husband called and asked where I was.  For some reason I then saw him; apparently he had taken care of the ride.  I asked how she was doing, and he said “she asked to stay attached to my boob”.

There’s nothing in the male breast.

Don’t buy.  Lease.


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